Today In Grateful Dead History: June 16, 1985 – Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA

dancing-bear This show is notable due to the bust out of Cryptical Envelopment, which hadn’t been played since 1972.  It is part of a full sandwich around The Other One, which the band had not performed this way since the end of 1971.  The crowd on this Matrix recording goes predictably crazy.

The cool thing about this particular passage is that the opening Cryptical is pretty terrible – Jerry forgets the words, the chords are messy and everyone is really tentative.  But then we get to the start of The Other One and Phil drops in with several mighty bombs and the band is off to the races with a heavy version of the song that would not have been out of place in the late 60’s.  When we come back to the closing Cryptical, it’s much better.

There are some other highlights here (highlights for a show from 1985 – not career highlights).  The Big Railroad Blues is fast and frenetic, so much so that Jerry, once again, forgets a bunch of lyrics and just starts humming, but the playing is good.  The opening portion of Scarlet Begonias is also interesting.  It’s one of those versions where you doubt the band was actually trying to play the song that particular way, but it gels anyway.  Brokedown Palace, sung in Jerry’s mid-80’s warble, is an extra special way to end the show.

I think that soundboards from 1985 are awful, so here’s a matrix instead.  There’s just enough from the AUD to fill in the gaps:


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