Today In Grateful Dead History: June 22, 1973 – PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC

stealie I have to confess that this is one of my all-time favorite shows, but I don’t have a lot of time to talk about everything that makes it great. So I’m going to make a quick list:

  1. You can hear the taper dragging his microphones apart and across the front of the stage for the perfect stereo sound on an audience tape.
  2. Once you get past Bertha, the sound is pristine.
  3. Box of Rain – short but great.
  4. BIRD SONG is my candidate for greatest version ever.  Two unique jams, ebbs and flows and pristine tone and instrument separation.  Just a delicate, wonderful piece.
  5. Sugaree wails.
  6. Row Jimmy shows off all of the band’s instruments and highlights the interplay between the members.  Some of the back and forth is magical for such a simple tune.
  7. Unfortunately, China Cat Sunflower is cut and I Know You Rider is spotty.
  8. Big River is upbeat and features some great mini-solos.
  9. Playin’ in the Band is also a favorite, just a massive, smokin’ version with everyone tearing into it.
  10. A stellar Here Comes Sunshine opens the second set.  The first part of the song is actually recorded in mono – when the stereo comes back, lookout.
  11. He’s Gone is sublime.
  12. Truckin’>Jam>The Other One>Jam>Wharf Rat is spectacular.  The band just kicks it up a notch between Truckin’ and The Other One.  Incredible work and Phil bombs galore.

Keep in mind, the Dead played 34 songs at this performance (33 on this recording) – these are just the highlights.  Enjoy the ridiculously good audience tape here:


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