Today In Grateful Dead History: June 30, 1984 – Indianapolis Sports and Music Center, Indianapolis, IN

dancing-bear If you like your Deal smoking, then this is the show for you.  Almost five minutes of Jerry standing there and just wailing away makes this version one for the ages and makes this show a must hear, at least for this one song.

Of course, Deal isn’t the only highlight.  We’ve got very good versions of Lost Sailor / Saint of Circumstance and My Brother Esau in the first set and a great (but short) Playin’ in the Band in the second.  Jerry’s final solo on Stella Blue is tremendous, and while the transition into Going Down the Road Feeling Bad is not optimal, I’ve heard much worse.  Of course, the absolute, no questions asked best part of the show comes at the end – keep your daaaaaaaay job!

This is one of the only Dead shows to be played on a tennis court and some of the comments about the live experience are worth reading, especially when folks talk about stacking the chairs in the center of the court to get more room for dancing.

Here’s a link to a very high quality audience recording of this show:


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