Today in Grateful Dead History: July 1, 1979 – Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA

Dancing Skeletons

The Grateful Dead Listening Guide has a very eloquent post describing this show, so I’ll refer you there for a more detailed description of this Pacific Northwest performance from 1979.

From my point of the view, the first set of this show is basically a take it or leave it affair.  There’s nothing here to write home about, but the opening Mississippi Half-Step>Franklin’s Tower is a good way to start a show and it’s a frequent highlight of 1979 performances.

The big highlight from the second half is the massive Sugaree.  On top of that, we’re treated to an unusual post-drums pairing of Stella Blue>Truckin’ and a raucous and even weirder Shakedown Street encore.

The audience recording is pretty good, but for my money the Matrix is better.  Here it is:


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