Today In Grateful Dead History: November 4, 1977 – Cotterrell Gym, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

dancing-bearI don’t have a lot of time to discuss this show, which is a shame because it’s a good one that has been released as Dave’s Picks Vol. 12.  So to paraphrase Warner Wolf, let’s go to the tape.

The first set is a standard high-quality 1977 list with a rare version of Dupree’s Diamond Blues coming right before the highlight of the night, an absolutely phenomenal set-ending version of Let It Grow.   The Dead keep digging into this tune – just when you think they’re going to let up, Jerry roars back with more.  This is an exceptional example of the Dead’s 1977 sonic assault, a full barreled blast that should be played loudly.

Tonight is rarity night in central New York, with the band playing an unusual (for 1977) Cold Rain and Snow to build on the frolicing Samson & Delilah that opens the second set.  After a short tuning break, we get to the absolute heart of this show, Playin’ In The Band-> Eyes Of The World-> Estimated Prophet-> The Other One.  This sequence is fantastic and really gets out there during Playin’ and Estimated Prophet, showing that the Dead still had their psychedelic chops, even in the less adventurous late 70’s.

I’m linking to the Jerry Moore audience recording of this show.  The Grateful Dead Listening Guide will tell you why you need to listen to this particular version and once you’ve read that, listen to the show here:


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