Today in Grateful Dead History: November 9, 1979 – Buffalo Auditorium, Buffalo, NY

Dancing Skeletons

Man, the fall of 1979 produced some great shows, didn’t it?  This night from Buffalo, which was commercially released as Road Trips Vol. 1.1, is a very good show from a very good tour, with something for everyone.

If you like your tunes played straight ahead with focus, the Grateful Dead have you covered with listen-a-couple-of-times versions of Alabama Getaway, Cassidy and Althea.  If you’re looking for a little speed, this incredible version of Lazy Lightnin’>Supplication is going to blow your mind, especially Supplication, which just smokes.

And for you jammier types, well you get the heart of this show, the first part of the second set, which goes like this:  Dancin’ In The Streets>Franklin’s Tower, Estimated Prophet>He’s Gone>Drums>Wharf Rat.  Some of the commentators have pointed out that there is almost too much going on during Dancin’ in the Streets, but I disagree – it’s just the Dead crushing this song at an incredibly fast tempo.  This leads into a thrilling Franklin’s, also up-tempo, and a dynamic Estimated Prophet.  Then we have He’s Gone, with some beautiful jamming into Drums that includes a riff on Gloria without the lyrics before another epic version of Wharf Rat.  And that’s why the Dead released this show commercially.

This is prime 1979 stuff that rivals the Cape Cod shows from a couple of weeks ago.  If you enjoy 1979, you’re gonna love this:


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