Today In Grateful Dead History: December 8, 1993 – Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

dancing-bearPlease forget that the Grateful Dead played Rain (the Beatles song, not Looks Like Rain, the Grateful Dead song) into Let The Good Times Roll to start this show at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, former home of the Clippers.  Just skip over that sequence completely and act like it’s not there.

In our alternate universe, this concert begins with the breakout of I’m a King Bee, a Pigpen song that hadn’t seen the light of day since 1971.  It’s nice to hear I’m a King Bee again.  What a way to start a show!

We’re going to breeze over the next few tunes until we arrive at Lazy River Road, one of those late Jerry tunes, like Standing on the Moon, that seems purposefully built for his 90’s voice (and probably was).  Lazy River Road comes off well here, as does When I Paint My Masterpiece.  Those are your first half highlights.

Can Iko Iko be a highlight?  Doesn’t it deserve a chance to be a highlight after all this time consigned to the end of the bench?  Well tonight, Iko Iko, is YOUR night, because you are the top player of the second half of this show, even though you’re on the floor with stars like Playin’ in the Band and Uncle John’s Band and even Morning Dew.  Tonight, Iko Iko, you shined (and the starters played like crap).

Drums / Space was pretty good too.

Listen here:


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