Today in Grateful Dead History: January 14, 1978 – Bakersfield Memorial Auditorium, Bakersfield, CA

Dancing Skeletons

I don’t have a lot to offer when it comes to this show.  I can tell you that none of the recordings are particularly great, audio-wise.  This soundboard, for instance, is very muddy, but it’s better than the matrix, which is not always synced up properly.

In terms of content, we’ve got a fairly normal 1978 show.  I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been a 1978 fan, but these January shows are not half bad, this show included.  Unfortunately, I can’t point to many highlights – the Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World sequence is fine and Not Fade Away gets the job done, but beyond that, we’re in fairly standard Dead territory here.

Instead of belaboring this, I’ll just give you the link and you can check things out if you want to:


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