Today In Grateful Dead History: March 11, 1993 – Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL

dancing-bearThis is one massively uneven show.  It starts with a very well executed Help on the Way>Slipknot!>Franklin’s Tower, but it also features a train wreck of The Music Never StoppedIko Iko is a great, up-tempo second set opener, followed by Wave to the Wind, an impossibly bland song that begins with a stolen Peter Gabriel riff and devolves from there.

The capstone to the whole affair is the second set sequence of Truckin’>Spoonful>He’s Gone>Drums>Space>The Other One.  The transitions between these pieces are all good, and there is some nice playing at the end of Truckin’ into Spoonful and again at the end of He’s Gone.  The band is joined by poet Ken Nordine during Space, and his unique voice works really well with the music here.  Once this segment is complete, the band plays Days Between, which you’ll either love or hate, depending on your relationship to that song.  The Liberty encore is fun, too.

This is a take it or leave it performance, but the beginning works really well and the poetry is a welcome twist in the second set.  Listen to the pretty muddy soundboard here:


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