Today In Grateful Dead History: April 4, 1987 – The Centrum, Worcester, MA

terrapinThe second set of tonight’s show from the Worcester Centrum is laid out in a really strange way, with an opening sequence of Iko Iko followed by Playin’ in the Band>Comes a Time>Willie and the Hand Jive, all pre-Drums, and then a post Drums sequence of Truckin>Playin’ in the Band>Morning Dew.  This is all good stuff, almost stunningly so for 1987.  The Comes a Time, in particular, was played a bit in 85 and 86, but only surfaced twice in 87, and this was the last appearance of Willie and the Hand Jive, ever, so they are moments to savor.  The Truckin through Morning Dew sequence is awesome, with Phil bombs all over the place and some heightened solos from Jerry near the end.   So, as you can see, the second set is worth the price of admission.

The first set is a lot sloppier and doesn’t really go anywhere.  There are some good songs being played, they just aren’t being played well.  Example: Box of Rain.  Second Example: Cassidy.  But if we have to sit through this warm up act in order to get to the main course, so be it.

Listen to the very nice audience recording here:


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