Today in Grateful Dead History: April 28, 1991 – Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, NV

stealieNOTE:  This material was originally published in 2015 on my previous site.  It has been updated and edited, sometimes heavily, and was posted in several batches in August, 2016.

Yesterday the Beach Boys sat in and today we have Carlos Santana playing on Bird Song – it’s a good one that clocks in at over 18 minutes.  Santana seems to fit seamlessly into the mix here, weaving his magic right along with the rest of the band.  The length of the song is questionable – sometimes things get a little bogged down, but as a whole, this is certainly a Bird Song worth savoring.

Unfortunately, once you get away from Bird Song, this show suffers from the usual array of 1990’s problems like Vince playing over everyone else and no one really interacting with one another for long stretches, but the setlist is, for the year, top-notch and there are no major clunkers.

There’s also a blistering second set Deal, a Space featuring recorded slot machine noises and a good jam into The Other One.

Here’s the Charlie Miller transfer of the Soundboard:


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