Today in Grateful Dead History: August 15, 1987 – Town Park, Telluride, CO

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I began earnestly listening to the Grateful Dead during the two years that I spent living in Vail, Colorado, and my brother lived in Telluride for a season, so this show (and tomorrow’s show) holds a warm place in my heart.

Given the altitude adjustment, it’s a little surprising that this is such a high energy performance, but the Dead manage to really dig into things, especially during Deal and Morning Dew.  But the energy isn’t the only notable thing about this show.  Some of the calmer numbers, like Looks Like Rain and Desolation Row, have quiet passages of true beauty.  Jerry’s work on Looks Like Rain is probably the best example of this delicate touch, and his guitar work echos some of the silky passages that he used to play during this song in the early seventies.

Lastly, we have Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain, which opens up the second set.  If you only listen to the first couple of minutes of Scarlet Begonias, you’ll probably be worried that this is going to go off the rails, but the boys rally and pull off a seamless transition and some great work together.  This is a top of the line 1987 version of these songs.

Bottom line – this is a fun, spirited 1987 show with a few real highlights and very few lows.  Enjoy the rocky mountain high.

There are several versions of this show on the Archive.  I think that this one sounds the best, but the tracking is messed up, so beware:


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