Today in Grateful Dead History: October 19, 1974 – Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA

stealieIn October, 1974, the Grateful Dead played five shows at Winterland that were billed as the band’s farewell performances before its year plus hiatus.  Tonight is the fourth of these five shows, and it is canonical.  While the jamming tonight might not reach the heights of the final show on the 20th or the Dark Star>Morning Dew on the 18th, all of the songs from this show (and there are many of them) feature an incredible amount of collaboration and finesse.  So, in honor of this masterpiece, you’re getting my thoughts in list form.

  • This show opens with Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo.  This, translated from Grateful Dead speak, means that it’s going to be a good show.
  • Friend of the Devil sounds like no other version of this song that I’ve ever heard.  It’s got a swing to it that you just assume will stop when Jerry starts singing and brings it back to normal.  This doesn’t happen.  Strange (and great) throughout.
  • It Must Have Been the Roses.  Not a definitive version, but listen to what they are doing with each other, playing back and forth with the melody and counter-melody like wizards.  Pay close attention!
  • Oh boy – this is one loose Loose Lucy.  (Couldn’t resist).
  • When a pre-Fire on the Mountain Scarlet Begonias gets this spacey, you know things are going well.  There are sections of drums / piano / bass here that are going to blow your mind, and the sparseness of the jam is something to behold.  Like Friend of the Devil, this one is unique.
  • Okay – now we have to talk about Eyes of the World.  For my money, this might be the best version ever.  Not so long that you lose your mind, but not an eight minute version either.  The coordinated parts of this song are are played perfectly, and the jam. . .   What can I say about this jam?  When people talk about the Dead being a multi-headed monster, this is what they mean.  There are parts of this song where Keith is playing one note, Bob is playing off that one note and Jerry is playing around that one note, all in time and in tune.  And that’s just one portion.  While Phil’s bass solo is great in its own right, listen to everything going on behind it.  Again, that’s just one portion.  And Billy?  Well, Billy puts on a clinic here tonight.  This is a perfect Eyes of the World.
  • Followed by a great, meaningful China Doll.  Seriously? Can things get better than this?
  • Well, after Big River, we get a crazy Seastones that morphs into Uncle John’s Band.  What a way to start the second half.
  • What follows next is a lesson to not skip the “minor” songs.  All of these tunes are great, especially the very rare Tomorrow is Forever, one of the few times that I think almost all heads can agree that Donna sounded great.  We also get one of the slowest Dire Wolfs you’re ever going to hear.
  • Here we go – He’s Gone>Truckin’>Caution Jam>Drums>Jam>Truckin’.  He’s Gone is awesome, as you might expect, and then there is a short Truckin’ before, out of nowhere, the boys fire into a double-time performance of what is being called the Caution Jam, which is essentially Caution (Do Not Step on Tracks) without Pigpen on keys.  This is a monster wake-up call, a straight up assault on your senses, which may have been lulled by the two-plus hours of music that have already been played and the laid back He’s Gone.  And good Lord, does Phil Lesh go crazy on this one.  Drums follows, marking the last time Billy would play Drums on his own without Mickey Hart.  Shed a tear, Mickey haters, and savor this 1:20.  The following Jam back into Truckin’ is very wide open and features a ton of Jerry and not a lot of everyone else until the second half.  Enjoy.
  • I’m not saying that everything else after this is a let-down, because all of these songs are great, but other than an excellent Black Peter, I just can’t get 100% fired up over Sunshine Daydream, One More Saturday Night or U.S. Blues.  That’s okay.

There you have it.  If you wanted to play someone the second set from last night’s show, this entire show and tomorrow’s full performance, you’d probably have enough Grateful Dead music to last a lifetime.  Savor this one for the smaller songs and the Eyes of the World – it’s one of the best.

Listen here:


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