Today in Grateful Dead History: October 21, 1983 – The Centrum, Worcester, MA

Dancing Skeletons

We started the week with a great 1983 show from Lake Placid, so let’s end it with an even better 1983 show from Worcester, Mass.  In fact, this show is so good that it is included in 30 Trips Around The Sun as the representative show of the year.

The pinnacle of this evening is the exceptional Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain that leads off the second set.  This is one of the greatest Scarlet>Fires there is, with a ridiculously good transition between the two songs and many magical moments in both.  I played this sequence three times today and it got better and better with every listen.  Please indulge!

But that’s not all.  The night begins with a great The Music Never Stopped that keeps rolling and rolling, long past when you think it’s going to end.  Cassidy wails.  Big Railroad Blues rocks.  Even The Promised Land is great tonight.

Back in the second set, once we’re done with Scarlet>Fire, the band kills it with:  Uncle John’s Band>Playin’ In The Band>Drums>Space>Truckin’>Wharf Rat.  Try that setlist on for size.  The playing throughout this part of the show is all exceptional, and Space gets into some very far out stuff before slowly rolling into Truckin’.  Wharf Rat unleashes all of the pent up emotion at the end, and then the band is off to the races with the rockers to close out the night.

It’s been a good week of shows, and this is an A+ effort to close things out.  If you want to add it to your collection, the audience recording is very high quality.  Since it’s 1983, I did the Matrix route and enjoyed it tremendously.  Listen to it here:


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